This website is devoted to academic research into Traditionalism and--especially--into the Traditionalists themselves. It is intended for scholars who are working on Traditionalism or on related topics, and for those Traditionalists who have an interest in academic approaches to Traditionalism.

The site has six major sections. The first of these provides a brief introduction to Traditionalism for beginners. The second section describes and supplements Against the Modern World, a history of Traditionalism published in 2004 and released in paperback in 2009. The third section is a blog for announcements and news. This is the part of the site that is now updated frequently. Then there is a gallery which provides a variety of pictures and paintings of the most famous traditionalists. The resources page provides a variety of material, including bibliographies of the major Traditionalist writers and some bibliographic analysis, but has not been updated from some time--see the blog for that. Finally, the Catalog of Contemporary Traditionalism listed all Traditionalist groups known in 2006, together with their activities, and provides links (some now outdated) to several hundred Traditionalist websites.

I am not myself a Traditionalist, but rather a scholar who studies Traditionalism and the Traditionalists. I think Traditionalism is important, and find it fascinating, but as a scholar I can have no views on what is or is not "real" Traditionalism. This website therefore does not advance any particular interpretation of Traditionalism, and tries to be as comprehensive as possible. It covers, as much as it can, all those who describe themselves as Traditionalists, and all those who have visibly been influenced by Traditionalism. I hope you find this website helpful in your research. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments regarding Traditionalists, or leave a comment on the blog. And thank you to all those who have contacted and helped me in the past.

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