The Catalog of Contemporary Traditionalism

This section of lists Traditionalist websites, journals, publishers, booksellers, and other activities, and the groups or individuals responsible for them, as found in 2006. It is an analyzed catalog of contemporary Traditionalist groups and their activities, and also catalogs other groups with Traditionalist interests or emphases.

The Catalog of Contemporary Traditionalism covers some 300 Traditionalist or partly Traditionalist groups and individuals in 34 countries, and lists some 500 activities carried out by these groups or individuals. Half of these activities are websites, many of which are maintained by individuals; the other activities vary from Sufi orders and political parties to web-based activities such as discussion lists and text archives.

The Catalog has not been updated since 2006, except in rare cases where it has been necessary to correct a serious error. There is now so much Traditionalism on the internet that it would be too great a task to keept rack of it.
 was established June 19, 2000.
This page was last revised May 18, 2010 .
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