Contemporary interest in Traditionalism as revealed by Google Trends

Google searches for Guénon, Evola, and Eliade

Google Trends looks at a sample of all Google searches to determine the cities or regions from which Google receives the most searches for a given term. Then, for those top cities or regions, Google Trends calculates the ratio of searches for the given term coming from each city or region, divided by total Google searches coming from the same city or region.

  • Search terms
    • The only terms related to Traditionalism that have enough search volume to show on Google Trends are Guénon, Evola, and Eliade.
    • The most frequent search globally is for Eliade--but really only from users in Romania and Moldova.
    • Except in France and Argentina, there are more searches for Evola than Guénon.
  • Countries
    • Italy, Romania and Hungary are the top three countries for searches for Evola and Guénon. taken together. Hungarians are interested primarily in Evola.
    • The next most prominent countries are all in South America: Argentina, Chile and Venezuela.
    • The French search for Guénon amost as much as the Italians, but they have little interest in Evola.
  • Relative interest
    • Worldwide, there are generally twice as many searches for Gurdjieff as for Guénon, and yoga beats Guénon by a factor of 100 or so.
    • Only France and Romania originate more searches for Guénon than for Gurdjieff.
    • After France, the greatest interest in Guénon relative to Gurdjieff is shown in Venezuela and Italy.
    • All places that originate searches for Gurdjieff also search for Guénon, except for Israel, India and Colombia, and individual cities in the USA.
  • Timing
    • As can be seen from the graph above, there was little interest in Guénon until 2004. The interest that then developed came at first primarily from Paris and Milan, with some interest in Argentina and Spain, a pattern that did not change much during 2005 and 2006.

Detailed rankings

During 2004, 2005 and the first part of 2006, the top countries for searches for Guénon and Evola were

  • Europe
    • Italy (#1 overall)
      • #1 for Guénon (Rome and Milan)
      • #1 for Evola (Palermo, Rome, Bologna, Florence, Milan, Turin and Naples)
      • In Palermo, searches for Evola exceeded searches for Lenin, Stalin or Trotsky, though not Marx, and almost reached 50% of the number of searches for yoga.
    • Romania (#2 overall)
      • #3 for Evola
      • #4 for Guénon
    • Hungary (#3 overall; #2 for Evola; no ranking for Guénon)
    • France (#6 overall; # 2 for Guénon [Marseille, Paris and Lyon]; no ranking for Evola)
    • Spain
      • #7 for Guénon
      • #10 for Evola
    • Belgium (#9 for Guénon; no ranking for Evola)
    • Switzerland (#10 for Guénon; no ranking for Evola)
  • South America
    • Argentina (#4 overall)
      • #3 for Guénon
      • #8 for Evola
    • Chile (#5 overall)
      • #4 for Evola
      • #6 for Guénon
    • Venezuela (#7 overall)
      • #5 for Guénon
      • #7 for Evola
    • Mexico (#8 overall; #5 for Evola; no ranking for Guénon)
    • Colombia (#9 overall; #6 for Evola; no ranking for Guénon)
    • Peru (#10 overall)
      • #8 for Guénon
      • #9 for Evola
  • North America
    • No state had any ranking for Guénon or Evola
    • There was a significant number of searches for Guénon coming from San Diego, CA.
    • There was a significant number of searches for Evola coming from Southfield, MI. was established June 19, 2000.
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