Additional Notes to Chapter 7


Additional Note 1
Qazwini was one of Ayatollah Khomeini's most important teachers of Islamic Philosophy. He and the other, Muhammad 'Ali Shahabadi (1847-1951), were both linked by chains of teachers to 'Ali Jamshid Nuri (d. 1830), the establisher of the so-called " School of Tehran " who was responsible for popularizing the work of Sadra al-Din Shirazi, "Mulla Sadra." Mulla Sadra is little known in the Sunni world, but regarded by many in Iran as the greatest of Islamic philosophers, and developed the work of Ibn al-'Arabi (the leading theorist of Sufism in the Sunni world), giving it a rigorous philosophical formulation and supporting it with logical argument. With Qazwini Khomeini studied the work of Nuri's most important student, Hadi Sabzewari, as well as Mulla Sadra himself, and with Shahabadi he studied Ibn al-'Arabi. See Ali Tabandeh, Hurshid tabande (Tehran: Haqiqat, 1998), pp. 46, 48, 51-53, 65-75, 80-82, and 87. was established June 19, 2000.
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