Bibliography of current available works


  • All the books and authors on this page are recommended.
    • Those especially recommended for spiritual seekers are marked S .
    • Those especially recommended for political readers are marked P .
    • Those most suitable for academics and researchers are marked R .
  • Follow the links below for current editions and/or translations into English.
    • A link from a title brings up a recommended current edition (not necessarily the one given in the bibliography).
    • A link from a name brings up all currently-available books in English by the author, recommended as a major Traditionalist. It is the author that is recommended, not all the books and editions that are linked to.
    • If only a title in a language other than English is linked, no English translation is known.
    • English-language links are usually to Readers in Canada or the UK should use the ISBN from and then search under it at or
  • This bibliography is based on that in Against the Modern World .
    • Books not currently in print are not listed.
    • Books not included in the bibliography of Against the Modern World are labeled as New!

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