The following articles by Mark Sedgwick deal, at least in part, with Traditionalism.

  • "Vestlig sufisme og traditionalisme" [Western Sufism and Traditionalism]. In Den gamle nyreligiøsitet, Vestens glemte kulturarv [Old New Religiousness: The West's forgotten cultural heritage],  ed. Mette Buchardt and Pia Böwadt. Copenhagen: Anis,  pp. 139-51.  Also available in Persian .
  • "From Paris and Cairo to Tehran: Guénonian Traditionalism, the Iranian Revolution, and the Islamic Republic."  Historians in Cairo: Essays in Honor of George Scanlon , ed. Jill Edwards. Cairo: AUC Press, 2002: 267-86.
  • "Traditionalism in Iran." Politica Hermetica 16 (2002).
  • "Modernite'ye karsi: Bati Gelenekciligi ve Islam." Hece: Ayik Edebeyat Dergisi [Ankara] 59 (November 2001): 82-90.
  • "Against Modernity: Western Traditionalism and Islam,"  ISIM Newsletter 7 (March 2001), p. 11 (requires Acrobat Reader ).
  • "Les confréries néo-soufies dans la mouvance guénonienne," Annuaire de l'École Pratique des Hautes Études (section des sciences religieuses) 109 (2000-2001): 295-98.  In French.
  • "Traditionalist Sufism," ARIES 22 (1999), pp. 3-24 (now somewhat out of date ). was established June 19, 2000.
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