Chapter Four


Chapter four covers Guénon's biography from a series of disasters in 1927-28 that led to his emigration to Egypt in 1930 until the start of the Second World War.

  • It examines Guénon's life in Egypt and the nature of his Islam, and the impact of Egypt and Islam on Traditionalism. 
  • As well as lying behind future developments in French Freemasonry, this impact resulted in the formation of two Traditionalist religious groups, one short-lived and Catholic (the Fraternity of the Cavaliers of the Divine Paraclete) and one long-lived and Islamic, a European branch of an Algerian Sufi order--the Alawiyya--under Frithjof Schuon, assisted by Titus Burckhardt (1908-84). 
  • The chapter covers Schuon's biography and the history of his Alawiyya up to 1943.

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