Chapter Six


Chapter six returns to Guénon's biography, covering the period from the Second World War until Guénon's death in 1951.

  • It introduces Martin Lings (1909- ) and Henri Hartung (1921-88), and includes the split between Schuon and Guénon during 1948-50. The chapter explores the causes and consequences of this split.
  • It examines the modifications made to the Alawiyya by Schuon which led to the rejection of Schuon by Guénon and others, and the independent Traditionalists groups established as a result of the split. 
  • These included various Masonic lodges in France , one Sufi order in Turin , another under Michel Vâlsan in Paris , and (much later, in the 1980s) a third in Milan under Abd al-Wahid Pallavicini (1926- ). 
  • The chapter completes the history of Traditionalist Masonry and Traditionalist Sufism with an examination of the later histories of these lodges and orders; the later history of Schuon's order, however, is covered in later chapters.

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