Chapter Twelve


Chapter twelve starts with the discovery of Traditionalism by a group of Soviet dissidents including Gaydar Jamal (1947- ) and Alexander Dugin, and considers Jamal's and Dugin's first involvement in Russian politics during Perestroika. 

  • After explaining the contribution of Traditionalism to Dugin's ideology of Neo-Eurasianism, the chapter discusses Dugin's political ventures. Whilst Dugin was active in the (not very serious) National Bolshevik Party, his Neo-Eurasianism cemented the "red-to-brown" alliance between the remains of the Communist Party and the "Patriots." 
  • Dugin then founded a potentially more important group, the Eurasia Movement, a Kremlin-aligned think tank. 
  • The chapter ends with a discussion of Neo-Eurasianism in Israel .

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  • Babel Fish (translates Russian, after a fashion)
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  • Additional notes to chapter 12
  • See articles by Marlène Laruelle,
    • «Le néo-eurasisme russe» Cahiers du Monde russe , 42/1. 2001 ( abstract in English)
    • «Alexandre Dugin : Esquisse d'un eurasisme d'extrême-droite en Russie pest-soviétique» Revue d'études comparatives EST/OUEST Septembre 2001 ( abstract in English)


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